Equality & Diversity Policy Statement


1. Equalities and Diversity Policy - Policy statement
Insulated Render Systems (Scotland) Ltd is committed to being a fair employer and to ensuring that all employees, job applicants, customers and other people with whom we deal are treated fairly and are not subjected to unfair or unlawful discrimination.

This policy is not contractual, but aims to set out the way in which Insulated Render Systems (Scotland) Ltd aims to manage equal opportunities. This policy applies to all employees. It is our policy to treat all partners, employees, prospective employees, contractors, clients and suppliers fairly and equally, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, family status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or natural origin, religion or belief, age, physical or mental disability, working patterns, responsibility for dependents, membership of the travelling community, union membership status or any other irrelevant factor.

We recognise that an effective Equality & Diversity Policy will help our people to develop to their full potential, which is clearly in the best interests of both our employees and business. We aim to ensure that we not only observe the relevant legislation but also do whatever is necessary to provide genuine equality of opportunity. We expect everyone who works for us to be treated and to treat others with respect. Our aim is to provide a working environment free from harassment, intimidation, or discrimination in any form that may affect the dignity of the individual. We further recognise the benefits of employing individuals from a range of backgrounds as this creates a workforce where creativity and valuing difference in others grows. We value the wealth of experience within the community in which we operate and aspire to have a workforce that reflects this.

Signed : Tony Collum
Dated : 9th February, 2019.